Africa's Number One Online Male Store.

Class, Sophistication and Charisma meets in one brand. Every Gentleman’s delight. We at Telioce worked on the Visual Identity for the brand and the web product that makes the brand stand out and portray her brand value.

Go with Gentuman, Go with the Number 1. 

Class, Charisma and everything In-between.

In creating the Identity of a brand and Experience it offers, Images and Visuals influence marketing decisions and therefore must be well considered. We worked with the Brand on some amazing custom photography.

Taking High Resolution Images for the Business and ensuring it portrays the Values and Commitments of the Brand to all her Partners was one of our many roles for the Gentuman Brand.

Exceptional Digital User Experience for the Gentuman

Gentuman’s online presence also proved to be an effective action. This branding was made in co-creation with client, where transparency and client-centric experience were the main focal points. The design for the website, Mobile Application and social media became a perfect line extension of the Value and Focus of the Brand.

Our Team helped create a good user interaction design for the e-commerce platform focusing on a high end user experience and a user flow void of debts, It is what you want to experience and more.

Brand Assets and Social Media.

Brand Assets are of high importance to the credibility and functionality of any business. They often times form the primary impression to the audience and if properly executed can promote brand loyalty.

Brands and Business thrive on the arms of consistent and professional ads. We made visual marketing campaign designs for Gentuman to promote the service and engage the user community.

Marketing ads designs for both online and offline platforms need not boring. Consistency was ensured in every project.


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Research and Strategy

Design and Application

Strategic Support